IMPACT Touring Children’s Theatre

IMPACT, our professional Touring Children’s Theatre Company performs a different fairytale every week for six weeks, starting after 4th of July weekend. Each production travels to different venues throughout the state of NH and features a professional cast of 4 – 6 actors, plus set pieces, costumes, props, original music, and more! Our 45-minute adaptations are written to be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

Join us at Jean’s Playhouse on Wednesday mornings during the summer to see our IMPACT program in action! Tickets are only $8 and can be purchased online starting June 1st or at the door (subject to availability). We also offer special group rates for day cares and summer camps, so please reach out for more information by emailing us at You can also visit one of our partner venues where we perform each week!

2022 Weekly IMPACT Schedule:

10:00 am
Belknap Mill / Powerhouse
10:00 am
Capital Center for the Arts
10:00 am
Jean’s Playhouse
10:00 am
Lancaster Rialto
10:00 am
Claremont Opera House
2:00 pm
Silver Center for the Arts
1:30 pm
Medallion Opera House
2:00 pm
Haverhill Heritage Inc. / Court Street Arts

2022 IMPACT Shows:

July 4 – 9
In a magic kingdom where good and bad fairies roam, the prick of a spinning wheel needle sets off a curse that puts the entire kingdom to sleep. With the help of a good fairy, only a brave Prince can defeat evil and wake the Princess from her sleepy kingdom.

July 11 – 16
Following a white rabbit leads Alice on a very strange adventure. In a place where up means down and right means wrong, Alice discovers a world filled with a strange smiling cat, a wild tea party, and a Queen whose temper is as red as the hearts on her dress!

July 18 – 23
We all know the story of Wendy, Peter, and John, but what happened in Neverland before they arrived? Join Peter on his early adventures in Neverland, featuring lost boys, mermaids, and Captain Jim, who was merely passing through Neverland until he got “hooked” on the magical land!

July 25 – 30
Little Red must make an important delivery to her Granny who is sick in bed, but that will require going over the river and through the woods. As long as she follows Mother’s directions and heeds the warning of three little previous victims, then it should be nothing more than a howling good time!

August 1 – 6
Dorothy returns to the magic land in hopes of finding her friends once again, but somehow the Emerald City has lost it’s sparkle and a new witch is in town is ready to rumble. While magic powers and flying monkeys can seem scary, friendship always wins over witches in the magic land of Oz.

August 8 – 13
Young Jack is heartbroken when he must sell his best friend, a cow, at the market. But when a mysterious man trades magic beans for the cow, it opens up a world larger than life where Jack can go on adventures beyond his wildest dreams!

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