Thoughts from a Playhouse Player herself

If the excitement that the cast of A Christmas Carol is experiencing is catching, then the entire area should be straining at the bit to come out to these performances. It is an amusing yet traditional adaptation.

We have been in rehearsals for a few weeks now and it is an amazing thing to see these characters develop as well as feel my own characters emerge. We may stumble over our lines and not know to stand or look since we are without a finished set at this point but one thing is sure, the actors are getting the feel of who they are portraying.

There is often a struggle with accents or lack of them and those are the funny moments when we go from definitely hearing cockney to what sounds like true Boston to me. And then there are the times when you pick up Maine or deep south. It is quite funny.

And then we have two Scrooges and two Marleys. I find it confusingly funny when Marley plays Scrooge. I don’t know how he does it.

The children are enjoying their parts, even Tiny Tim who has to put marbles in one shoe to keep from walking on that foot. It is great having children on the set since they celebrate birthdays – and to date we have had  three. That means goodies to sustain us!

We are getting some lighting now and bits and pieces of the set are making sense to us now. Every now and then someone will have a costume fitting and come out with a wig or something which reminds us all that we will truly look different at the final product.

We are fast approaching dress rehearsals and I can’t wait…

-Ginny Peck, Mrs. Dilber/Schoolmarme in A Christmas Carol


Actors at work on A Christmas Carol