Your Support is the Key to our Work!

Our Annual Fund helps us bring the arts to life here in the White Mountains of NH. While ticket sales only cover between 50 and 60% of our yearly expenses, the rest must be made up each year through fundraising, as well as individual and business donations.

We appreciate every donation, regardless of how small, but to thank those who have made a concerted effort to provide significant support, we are pleased to offer membership to the Encore Alliance. Learn More below.

Our 2024 Annual Appeal Letter is out! CLICK HERE TO READ THE LETTER and learn the highlights of 2023 as well as the plans for 2024! Help me our voices heard this year by making a contribution and becoming a member of the Encore Alliance!

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  • What is the Encore Alliance?

    It is our newly developed Membership program that thanks donors for their annual support of our work. There are different levels of membership, which come with different benefits, including complimentary tickets and concessions, insider information, special event invitations, and more!

    Our Members are part of the NCCA family and we want you to better understand what it takes to produce top quality theatre here in the White Mountains.

  • Why Should I Become a Member?

    As much as we truly appreciate patrons who purchase tickets, ticket sales alone cannot sustain a non-profit theatre company. You should become a member if you are interested in seeing the sustainability and growth of what we offer here in the White Mountains of NH. Here are some of the programs your contribution would go to support:

    • Top quality, professional theatre performances by artists from all over the country;
    • Arts education programming, in the form of theatre camps and youth productions, taught by industry professionals;
    • IMPACT Touring Children’s Theatre, which visits 8 different towns each week during the summer, providing inexpensive family entertainment. Many of these areas have no other source for the arts;
    • A Center for the Arts that consistently contributes to the tourism and culture of the North Country of NH.

  • What is the Time Frame for Contributions & Benefits?

    Benefits are available for use at the start of our summer season each year. In order for everyone to get the full range of benefits, we base your membership level on the previous June 1 through May 31 contributions.

    As an example, if you were to give three separate gifts between June 1, 2023, and May 31, 2024, they would be added together to determine your membership level, with benefits starting the summer of 2024.

  • Are my Contributions Tax-Deductible?

    As a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Corporation, any contribution where there are no goods or services provided is fully tax-deductible. Some of our Membership levels do include benefits that have a value attached, therefore, those benefits will need to be deducted from your tax-deductible total. However, you may also choose not to accept those benefits and, instead, deduct the entire amount. For specific questions on which benefits have non-tax-deductible values, please contact our Business & Development Manager, Shelly Fawson, at

  • What are Membership Levels & Benefits?

    Great question! Scroll down below to see a chart! Please remember benefits can change and adjust as time goes on.

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