Frost Heaves: The Mud-Season Favorite Returns to Jean’s Playhouse

Frost Heaves castLincoln, New Hampshire – March 19, 2015 – Frost Heaves: The Mud-Season Favorite Returns to Jean’s Playhouse

Winter, shminter, it’s time for Frost Heaves!

Frost Heaves, the comedy show recommended by more mattress salesmen, returns to Jean’s Playhouse with an all-new show on April 11.

“It’s been another long winter,” says Fred Marple, unofficial spokesman for Frost Heaves. “At this point, we figure folks are desperate for entertainment and might be willing to give us another chance despite whatever happened before.”

This time around, the nonsense on tap features McYankees (a new semi-fast food chain), Jack and the Baked Beanstalk, the Police Log (featuring actual items from the local news), Life’s Little Mystery Theatre, the Song on the Spot (a brand-new original song based on audience suggestions), prizes, surprises and more. As always, the Speed Bumps band will play favorite oldies and Fred Marple will bring the news from Frost Heaves, the most under-appreciated town in New Hampshire.

The evening will also include the official announcement of the Worst Frost Heaves award. “Once again, we decided to have a contest rather than do something useful, like actually fix the roads,” says Fred Marple. To cast your vote for the worst frost heaves in your area, go to and be entered to win a genuine Frost Heaves T-shirt. “It’s the least we could do,” says Fred. “Literally.”

Frost Heaves performs Saturday, April 11 at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $20, general admission, available at the door, online at, or by calling 603-745-2141.

Jean’s Playhouse is located at 34 Papermill Drive in Lincoln, adjacent to ongoing construction of the Riverwalk at Loon Mountain site off I-93 Exit 32. Visit or call 603-745-2141 for more information.


PHOTO: The Speed Bumps band (back, Fred Marple, Mark Crory, Mike Rousseau and Lenny Holmes) and the Frost Heaves Players (front, Kathy Manfre, Beth Signoretti and Dave Nelson) present Frost Heaves at Jean’s Playhouse, April 11.