Meet the artist: Robert Kozlow, 2017

5:00 pm

July 21, 2017

“Photographing the Landscape of New Hampshire”
May through August 2017 at Jean’s Playhouse

“Meet the artist” Reception: Friday, July 21, 5 PM to 7 PM

Mt. Washington Edutrip 2 059(reworked)“Very few photographers have the good fortune to live, work and play in an area that presents unlimited photographic opportunities,” says Bob Kozlow.   After moving his dental practice to New Hampshire from southern Michigan Bob began spending every weekend hiking the trails—both well-trodden and remote–in the northern part of the state.  More recently, he has been exploring the natural jewels of the lakes region, especially the more intimate and unique coves that can only be reached by boat.

Bob222222-R1-00-1-BTo appreciate the natural beauty of our state, Bob believes, you must experience it in all four seasons.  Many of Bob’s photos are the result of multiple trips to the same location to “capture a different mood or feeling.”  He is quick to thank friends and fellow hikers who often appear as models in his photographs.   Accompanied by a friend with technical photographic expertise he has bushwacked in remote areas to capture breathtaking pictures of waterfalls and scenic vistas that very few hikers have experienced.  Bob’s photographs have appeared on the covers of many guidebooks and brochures in New Hampshire.   His work has also been featured in numerous shows, including an exhibit at the Sherman Adams Visitor Center on the summit of Mount Washington.

Please join us on Friday, July 21, to meet Bob and speak with him about his experiences.  Bob’s most recent book of photographs: New Hampshire: White Mountains and Lakes Region, will be available for purchase.