Bruce James: Comedy Hypnotist, 2014


Friday, Feb 28
5:00 pm Matinee – $12/adults, $10/children

Saturday, March 1
7:00 pm Evening Performance – $18/adults, $14/children

Experience an energetic mix of comedy, hypnosis, and non-stop laughter from start to finish during this hysterical Las Vegas style performance. Bruce James has performed coast to coast in over 35 states. He and his assistant, Kelly Jean (former Miss New England), provide an amazing show that will take you on a journey of the mind. Be dazzled, amazed and inspired in what is sure to be the wildest show you have ever seen!

Bruce takes volunteers from the audience and makes them surrender to the sound of his voice; to become the stars of the show, and the results are hilarious. You will laugh and applaud for your friends and family on stage, as you have never seen them before. Often the quietest introvert becomes the brightest entertainer. Regardless of whether you believe it’s real or not, you will amazed at Bruce’s ability to transform your friends as you experience first-hand the amazing power of the mind!

“After the show is over, people often say they wish they had volunteered to come up on stage. They see how much fun it is and realize that I am not going to make them cluck like a chicken or bark like a dog. I know that may disappoint a few people, but we focus on good clean fun!”

Hypnotizing individuals is a process that begins with the volunteer’s approval. Nobody can ever be hypnotized against his or her will. We asked James, who can be hypnotized? “Every person that has a desire may be hypnotized. It may be worth mentioning nobody is ever forced to participate in stage. The traditional hypnotic show in the past was humor at the expense of the audience members, but during my show I make the audience members the stars!” Bruce replies with a laugh. In conclusion Bruce stated, “I hope to see everyone at the show, and, oh yes, it is for real. If you have any doubts, join us and volunteer!”

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