You Can’t Take It With You, 2013

takeby George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart

March 8-17, 2013

The Sycamores are a completely normal family- if a normal family played Beethoven on a xylophone, kept snakes in the living room, learned ballet from an angry anti-Stalin Russian immigrant, and never paid a day’s worth of income tax, that is! One day, the youngest daughter Alice comes home to announce that a gentleman will be calling on her- the boss’s son at the company where she works, as a matter of fact. When Alice and Tony get engaged, nothing can spoil their happiness, except perhaps the prospect of a meeting between Tony’s parents and Alice’s well-meaning but over-the-top and slightly insane family!

Penelope “Penny” Sycamore: Vicki Etchings
Martin “Grandpa” Vanderhof: Dick Alberini
Alice Sycamore: Christa Hollingsworth
Tony Kirby: Brett Lucas
Anthony W. Kirby: Ken Chapman
Boris Kolenkhov: Mike Streich
Paul Sycamore: Chris Peck
Ed Carmichael: Michael Yarnell
Mr. DePinna: Jay Polimeno
Donald: David Schreiner
Rheba: Claudia Malo
Wilbur C. Henderson: Ginny Peck
Miriam Kirby: Maureen Polimeno
Grand Duchess Olga Katrina: Cheryl Brusseau
Gay Wellington: Loriann Jesseman
G-Men: Ian Clemence-Schreiner, Cheryl McChale, Sasha Streich

  • You Can't Take It With You

Production Team:
Director: Dick Alberini
Costumes Designer: Dulcenia Walker

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