Auditions & Job Opportunities

Presenting Act Submissions

In the Spring & Fall, Jean’s Playhouse presents different kinds of performance acts, including comedians, cover bands, films, magicians, and the like. If you are interested in being considered, please send your materials to Producing Artistic Director, Joel Mercier, at Please note, we get a lot of submissions and can’t always respond to every email, but we will reach out if we have open slots and think your act would be something that resonates with our audience base.

2020 Summer Main Stage Season

Jean’s Playhouse is now on the look out for its 2020 Summer Company!  Please look below to learn more about our Actor, Production, and Tech Positions and how to apply.


We are seeking both Main Stage and IMPACT Actors for our 2020 Season:

  • Main Stage Actors: Our core group of Main Stage Actors are brought in for 2 to 5 shows in the Main Stage Season, depending on casting tracks. They take on all principal roles and many supporting, with the exception of parts that need to be played by more mature guest actors. Salary is $200-225/week, plus shared housing in a dorm-like setting. The dates of the contract are based on which shows an actor is cast in, but can be anywhere from June 22 to September 12.
  • Main Stage Acting Interns: Our Main Stage Acting Interns are brought in for our two major musicals of the season (this year, Mamma Mia! and The Hunchback of Notre Dame). They perform in the ensemble, but can also take on small supporting roles. Additionally, they get understudy credits. As this is an internship, there is no weekly pay, however, they do receive a $50/week meal stipend, plus shared housing in a dorm-like setting. Lastly, they also teach our Broadway Bound Camp for 2 weeks, and are given a small additional stipend for that work. The dates of the contract are June 29 through August 15 (7 weeks).
  • IMPACT Actors: IMPACT is our Touring Children’s Theatre which travels to different locations each week performing an original musical fairytale for six weeks. Our IMPACT Actors perform 6 different fairytales, one each week. Salary is $200/week, plus shared housing in a dorm-like setting. The dates of the contract are June 29 through August 15 (7 weeks).
  • ADDITIONAL: We are also seeking an Actor, with experience in composition who will act as the Composer and Music Director of our IMPACT series, in addition to performing one of the parts each week. Original scripts are written over the winter and provided at least a month or two before the season, allowing the candidate to write the bulk of the music ahead of arrival. Salary is $250/week, plus shared housing in a dorm-like setting. The dates of the contract are June 29 through August 15 (7 weeks), with the understanding that the bulk of the music is written prior to the start of the contract.

How do I audition?

We usually attend the following auditions in order to cast in March, April, and May:

  • NH Professional Theatre Auditions (NHPTA) – You can sign up for the NHPTAs on Saturday, February 29, 2020 in Manchester, NH. To register, please visit
  • New England Theatre Conference Auditions (NETC) – You can apply to get a slot at the NETCs on Saturday through Monday, March 7 – 9, 2020 in Natick, MA. To register, please visit
  • Private College Auditions – Each year, we work out a private audition session at a small number of musical theatre college programs where we have ties and connections. If your school is interested in having us attend a private audition, please reach out.
  • Submission – You can submit directly to Producing Artistic Director, Joel Mercier, at Please include a letter of intent, resume PDF, Headshot, and a link to either a reel or video-taped audition. PLEASE NOTE: we get hundreds of submissions and are not able to individually respond to everyone, but, you MUST send a video or we will likely not consider your submission.
  • Local Auditions – We do hold local auditions in Lincoln, NH in the Spring in order to cast local actors, children, and/or replacements. Please stay tuned for more information on that date and the specific roles we are trying to fill. A NOTE ON CASTING LOCAL ACTORS: We love having local actors in our shows, however, it is important for all auditioners to recognize that we put shows together in only 7-14 days and hold day-time rehearsals. If cast, you must have the flexibility in your schedule to attend daytime rehearsals Monday through Saturday.

Production & Technical Staff

We are seeking applicants for the following positions:

  • Stage Manager
  • Assistant Stage Manager
  • Season Scenic Designer
  • Technical Director
  • Assistant Technical Director / Master Carpenter
  • Props Master
  • Scenic Painter / Props Assistant
  • Costume Designers
  • Sound Technician & Board Op / Lighting Assistant
  • Company Manager / Administrative Assistant
  • Box Office / Administrative Assistant
  • Musicians
  • IMPACT Director & Road Manager
  • Carpenter Intern
  • Costume Intern
  • Props & Paints Intern
  • Production Assistant Intern

Tech positions usually start June 21 and end between August 23 and the close of the season on September 13. For specifics and salaries, please see our listings on

Internships go to younger candidates looking for more hands-on experience in a particular field. Most internships start on June 21 and end on August 16 or 30. Internships are paid $150/week, plus shared housing.

In general, Tech candidates should be strong at time management, as shows go up in 7-14 days, be self-motivated, good at taking direction, communication, and collaboration. While there is always a day off each week, it differs week to week and depending on the position. We work very hard to ensure a great summer experience and not burn out our staff, however, it is important that applicants understand that tech positions often have to pull late nights and long hours during tech weeks.

Directors, Designers, & Musicians are brought in on a show by show basis.

How do I apply?

We often post specific job descriptions, dates, and salaries on either or Applicants can submit directly through those websites, or send an email to Producing Artistic Director, Joel Mercier, at Please include a cover letter, resume, references, and appropriate materials to showcase past work (PDF portfolio, link to an online website, photos, videos, and/or audio clips).